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Your Pinterest and Social Multiplier Questions Answered

We held a fantastic webinar this past Thursday, October 13th. It was loaded with proof of my personal Pinterest success, step-by-step details about how I’ve gotten almost 2 million visitors in 3 months from Pinterest, and a demonstration of how my Pinterest automation software (Social Multiplier 2) works and is super easy to setup and configure.

During the webinar we got hundreds of questions. We didn’t have time to answer them all on the webinar, so I took the list of questions and boiled them down to the ones that weren’t duplicates of each other and answered them all.

So here it is, all of the webinar attendees questions answered to the best of my knowledge and ability. These questions related to Pinterest in general and the Social Multiplier software.

Q: Are you using the Google Adsense Plugin or setting the Adsense Ads manually?

Yes, I use the Google AdSense Plugin on most of my network sites. But I also am using a special plugin that comes free with the Lifetime version of Social Multiplier (you’ll learn more about that in the next webinar on Friday, October 21st).

Q: Will it work for a blog of health info?

Yes. It works very well in the health market.

Q: Does our site need to have an email service?

I strongly recommend that you have an opt-in box where you collect people’s email addresses, yes. It’s resulted in a lot more sales and advertising revenue for me.

Q: If you keep sending traffic to your site from every pin won’t pinterest flag your site?

1.8 million visitors later across 10 sites and dozens of accounts and no, I haven’t had any issues with Pinterest flagging my sites because of that. It makes logical sense that a business account would almost always post pins that target their own site. Go to the Pinterest account for Best Buy or Amazon and you’ll see that all of their pins target their own sites.

Q: Any danger having TOO many pins per board? spammy ?

100,000+ pins later on my jewelry account and I haven’t had any issues.

Q: What’s the most practical way to keep multiple Pinterest accounts, so that Pinterest doesn’t penalise them – since Pinterest tracks the IP addresses of owners?

You need to use high quality private proxies (not shared proxies). That’s the best way to run multiple accounts from one installation of Social Multiplier.

Q: How many pins do we need to have in our Pinterest page to make more money?

A lot. I recommend you pin at least 200 times a day to each account. You also need to build up followers, which Social Multiplier will do for you.

Q: Don’t the pin links have to be linking to original site where the images are according to Pinterest policies?

No, that’s not in their policies, and I’ve never had an issue with that. Of course it’s up to you to read their policies and decide for yourself what they do and do not allow. I’m not an attorney so I can’t give you legal advice on Pinterest’s policies.

Q: Will this work in the real estate niche in a local area?

Possibly, but I’ve never tried to target local businesses with Pinterest. I only target markets that work across all locations.

Q: In order to get a list from Pinterest do you send them to a landing page or is there an automatic email capture with Pinterest?

What I do is send people to informational pages that use a pop-up opt-in box with an irresistible offer. That is adding thousands of people to my email lists every month.

Q: Do we need “buffer domains” for this Social Multiplier 2 to protect our money sites.

It’s a violation of Pinterest’s policies to redirect visitors to another domain. My experience is that it requires a manual review for a site to get blocked, so it’s a risk you would need to consider.

Q: Do you have to use proxies?

No. If you’re only using one or two accounts you don’t need to use a proxy.

Q: Have you had other people who actually ‘own’ the pin come after you?

That’s all covered in the Getting Started guide. Once you read that it will make perfect sense how Pinterest looks at and responds to copyright claims.

Q: I know in other platforms, automated services can get you banned… how does this software avoid that?

The software is designed to follow the limits and guidelines laid out by Pinterest. Of course any tool can be misused, so it’s important that you read the Getting Started guide which will help you understand the do’s and don’ts of Pinterest.

Q: Can you run concurrent jobs?

Yes. I have one installation of Social Multiplier running almost two dozen jobs simultaneously. As long as your computer is powerful enough to support it, it can do it.

Q: Are the pins posted at random or constant time intervals?

The time intervals are currently constant. I’m working on adding an option for more random variations, but you can also achieve a level of randomness by using multiple jobs and just having them post different quantities of pins / follows per day.

Q: Can you visit the account while the SM2 is running?

Yes, but I recommend you use the same proxy that Social Multiplier is using to run the account in the browser you use to visit the account. That’s the safest way to handle it.

Q: Does what social multiplier do can be considered as spamming?

You can spam Pinterest without software, so of course you can use Social Multiplier to spam Pinterest, too. It’s a tool. You can use it properly or improperly. That’s why the first thing you need to do is read the Getting Started guide that comes with the software to understand what Pinterest considers “spamming”.

Q: Are there limitations on how many pins you can do in a day / how many boards / users we can follow?

Yes there are limitations. Social Multiplier sets limits based on the known limits that Pinterest enforces.

Q: I saw proxy info. Can you talk about when you need to have a proxy account?

That’s all covered in the Getting Started guide that comes with Social Multiplier.

Q: Does Pinterest have a listing of top categories?

Yes. When you add a board to your account there’s a dropdown of categories you can select for the board. Those are the most popular categories in Pinterest.

Q: Do you use proxy for each account?

I personally do, yes. I use a different proxy for each account.

Q: How many pages should you have on your site?

I have sites with page counts ranging from 10 pages to hundreds of pages. It doesn’t seem to make much of a difference to Pinterest as long as the site is high quality.

Q: Do you link from Pinterest to your home page or to a sales page?

I link to the inner pages of my sites for the most part. I don’t recommend you link directly to a sales page, as Pinterest considers that kind of overt advertising as spam. I just put ads to my sales pages (or affiliate sales pages) on the information page of the sites I promote.

Q: Does it rotate the landing page urls?

Yes, Social Multiplier will randomly select one of the target URLs you supply to use in each pin.

Q: Someone told me I needed a Pinterest business account is that true?

Yes. I recommend you only use business accounts because Pinterest’s terms of service don’t allow you to do any promotion unless you have a business account.

Q: Is the software desktop or in the cloud?

It’s desktop based. It runs on Windows and Mac computers.

Q: In preparation for the 24th, can we open multiple Pinterest Accounts under different profiles ?

You can, yes, just make sure they’re created with different proxies for safety.

Q: Would this work for a dropshipping store or amazon affiliates?

I use Social Multiplier to promote Amazon affiliate stores. I assume dropshipping stores would work as well.

Q: What about copyright issues of using other people’s images/content and linking to our site?

That’s all covered in the Getting Started guide that comes with the Social Multiplier software.

Q: It looks like it’s great for physical products but what about services?

I haven’t tried it with services, so I can’t speak to that from experience. I assume if the service is something that can be handled long distance nationally it could work well though.

Q: What pop up do you use?

Any pop-up box works well. If you use AWeber its lightbox pop-up works very well.

Q: How many pins should you do at the beginning to be prudent?

I never pin less than 200 times a day per account, even when they’re brand new.

Q: What is the least amount of pins and following do you advise?

I advise 200 pins a day and 250 follows a day to start with.

Q: One account per domain promoted?

Yes, at least at first. Once a domain is well established in Pinterest (the original account has thousands of followers and has been pinning hundreds of times a day for at least 30 days) then it typically becomes safe to create multiple accounts to promote the same domain. But until it’s established you risk getting the domain blocked if you try to promote it with multiple accounts.

Q: Can I use Pinterest to promote my Amazon/Kindle book — and others’, as well?

Yes. I can definitely see it working well for something like that.

Q: In some of your documentation you mention that SM2 finds popular pins to pin. Is there some way to control the quality of the pins to pin?

Yes. You can control the quality of what’s posted by creating a file with all of the images, page URLs and image descriptions that you want to use and importing it into Social Multiplier. That way you have total control over what gets pinned.

Q: Do the pins need to point back to a specific image on your site? I’ve heard that Pinterest users can feel disappointed if they follow the pin link back to a site where the image doesn’t exist.

I’ve never had an issue with this, but if you’re worried about that you can also create a custom import file and make sure you’re only using images that exist on the page of your site that the Pinterest user is sent to.

Q: Can I use this just to get more followers? I want to pin only products my ecommerce store sells and our own graphics, etc.

Yes, you can do that.

Q: If your site gets blocked on one account will that automatically block the site from a different account?

Yes. Once a domain is blocked by Pinterest it cannot be pinned to by any other Pinterest account.

Q: If you have several sites on one IP will blocking the site block all your other sites on the same IP?

I’ve never had that happen, no.

Q: Does running SM2 while using another software create computer performance issues?

Not with Social Multiplier 2. It’s very efficient and streamlined to not cause performance issues.

Q: Can you see Pinterest niches getting saturated at all in the future? or with this method you have?

No, I don’t see this happening any time soon. Pinterest has 150 million users and growing fast. That’s a huge number of people available to reach out to.

Q: How many Pinterest accounts can the software work with at anyone time?

There’s no limit. It depends on how powerful your computer is. I have one installation running on a cheap VPS that isn’t very powerful at all that’s running 7 accounts with dozens of pinning and following jobs. The software is very efficient so it runs multiple accounts very well.

Have a Pinterest or Social Multiplier question that wasn’t answered in this blog post? Post it in a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer it!

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