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5 Costly Website Mistakes to Avoid!

With the overwhelming success of my in-house network of content sites (thanks to Social Multiplier 2!), I have millions of website visitors coming into my various sites. With that kind of traffic you can quickly optimize your sites in order to maximize conversions, and that’s just what I’ve been doing.

Today I want to share with you the five most common mistakes people make with their sites, based partly on what I’ve known to be true for years, and partly on what I’ve recently learned to be true.

With that being said, let’s get started!

5 Website Mistakes that are Costing you!

  1. Lack of focus
    They say, “first impressions are everything.” I’m not sure if I’d say they’re everything, but the first impression a visitor has of your site is incredibly important! If you visit a site and you have no idea what to do next, you’re probably going to hit the back button quickly. A blog is easy. You have the article title and the article. But how is your homepage looking? Do you have headlines all over the place? If the primary goal of your site is to get phone calls, is that clear? Determine what you want the visitor to do and make it clear from the get-go. Get this one wrong and you’re just wasting your time on everything else.
  2. Failing to build a list or doing it ineffectively
    You must retain visitors. Even if it is only a small percentage of your total visitors, you must regularly retain visitors or you’re fighting an uphill battle. Email marketing is the best way to do that. Are you collecting name’s and emails? I find that entry popups are the most effective way to build a list. If popups annoy you, get over it. They work! Give away something of value that solves a problem your visitors have. It could be a report, it could just be revealing some powerful tip to them. Once you have your popup going set an auto-responder series up. Send them whatever it is you promised them immediately. Then, send them a few emails of free content. You could even send a short email that just sends them to a few blog posts on your site. After 3 or 4 free content emails, send them a promotion. Find a great, relevant product at ClickBank or some other affiliate network (ClickBank is great for digital products) and promote it. Now, each new subscriber will be primed and sold to on autopilot!
  3. Poor monetization
    You may be tempted to choose the ad dimensions and colors that look best on your site. Do not do that! You want to do what makes you the most money. I’ve find that for content sites, a large rectangular ad below the article title and above the content works best, followed by another large rectangle in the middle of the article and a third at the end. Add a relevant image, with text wrapped around it, to the second or third paragraph so the ad and the image don’t get in each other’s way. For sites that are not focused on textual content, you’ll just need to try different things and see what converts best.
  4. Neglecting mobile optimization
    Mobile use has risen considerably over the years and it has not peaked! That means you need to concentrate on both desktop and mobile. Did you just activate a new popup? You better check it on mobile! I’ve found that even aWeber and GetResponse popups can have issues. Most can be worked around, but you need to make sure your popup is displaying correctly on mobile and that it is actually working (as in, collecting the name and email and adding them to your account). Are your ads responsive? Better check it too! If you’re using Google Adsense be sure to use the mobile responsive ad unit. If you use a caching plugin with WordPress (you should if you don’t) be sure to exclude mobile user strings from the caching, as it can cause issues.
  5. Neglecting overall appearance
    An ugly site can certainly be successful. Just look at Craigslist. However, they are the exception and not the rule. You want your site to look clean, professional, and legitimate. In most cases a site that doesn’t look legitimate with have a high bounce rate. That means that even if you’re getting good traffic, you’re going to make far less money than you could have made. Look for a nice theme/template. There are plenty out there to choose from. Add a Facebook widget to your sidebar that displays the images of people who have liked your Facebook page. Add “credibility pages” (ie. about, contact, legal, etc.). Use high-quality images in your posts, not poor-quality, low resolution images. Look out for little things. Little things can cause big credibility and trust issues.

These are the most common issues I see when visiting websites. It is very sad to hear from a subscriber who’s site has several of these issues, yet he or she has spent months or even years of their time working on the site, just spinning their wheels.

Plug the leaky boat now and you can concentrate on getting to your destination (making money!) more quickly and smoothly.

Are you ready to make this year YOUR year? Join me at where I’ll answer your questions personally and provide the training you need to make this year the year your online business finally “made it!”

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